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Hand Design Description

The new generation of machine-made carpets in the world
Global market leader

In 2017, Our organization has been introduced as the first manufacturer of the new generation of machine-made carpets (Colaris) in the world, within the framework of a consortium, with the participation of Austrian, German and Belgian companies.
The advantages of Colaris carpets:

  • Color diversity reaching infinite color (without the limitations existing in other machine-made carpets, and beyond the ranges in handmade carpets)
  • Variety of original designs and completely similar to the handmade carpets
  • Possibility of supplying the finest carpets (even more delicate than handmade carpets)
  • Full color stability
  • Possibility of carpet production at any desired size, as well as exclusive designs for customers
  • Lack of yarn reversibility, comparing to the other machine-made carpets (by using enhanced polyester filament)
  • Lack of pilling
  • Non-allergenic, especially for children and the elderly
  • Eco-friendly, appropriate for recycling and conversion in other industries


Comparison between types of yarns used in machine-made carpets

Properties Polyester filament yarn Acrylic yarn Polypropylene yarn
Consumer health Non-allergenic Allergenic Non-allergenic
Hairiness (Pilling) Completely non-pilling Pilling Non-pilling
Color stability Excellent (not transferring dye at 100 degrees) Acceptable Good
Light resistance More than acrylic More than propylene Less than other yarns
Abrasion resistance Excellent (due to non-pilling) Medium (due to being worn away because of pilling ) Poor (due to being worn away because of environmental conditions)
Resistance to heat To max. 230 degrees To max. 150 degrees To max. 140 degrees
Moisture absorption percentage Less than 0,5% Between 1% and 3% Less than 0,5%
Reversibility under pressure Standard Standard Less than other yarns
Flammability Less than other yarns Medium More than other yarns
Eco friendliness Completely recyclable Non- recyclable Partially recyclable
Chemical resistance High High High

* Maintenance guide for Colaris carpets

Expressing our gratitude for your choice, you inform you that you have purchased a unique carpet produced with the help of the world modern technology. Obviously, we respect your taste, especially since your carpet of choice has the following special features:

  • Full color stability
  • Lack of yarn reversibility, comparing to the other machine-made carpets
  • Lack of pilling due to the use of polyester
  • Non-allergenic, especially for children and the elderly
  • No limitations in the number of colors used in design
  • The most similar machine-made carpet to the hand-made carpets types
  • Eco-friendly, reusable in other industries

When buying a machine-made carpet, there are very important various factors to be considered such as carpet knot density, types of yarns, exclusive designs, color variations and designs, as well as other quality indicators, like the carpet being non-pilling, non-allergenic and shining. After buying it, you can still have your carpet as beautiful and eye-catching as the first day, with a good maintenance; proper care ensures the long and useful life of the carpet.


Proper carpet maintenance

  • Sweep up the carpet surface regularly, because the presence of dust and fine particles leads to dirt accumulation on the surface of the carpet and, consequently, it becomes opaque and discolored.
  • Move your carpet at least 180 degrees every six months so that the footprints may be distributed in all parts of the carpet.
  • Your carpet has the highest moisture resistance among the variety of carpets on the market. Therefore, in order to avoid the carpet decay, always pay attention to dry the possible existing moist area.
  • Do not expose your carpet to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects like a table, furniture, bed, or desk on the carpet. If necessary, it is recommended to use intermediate surfaces such as carpeting at the contact point.
  • In the event the carpet slips on some surfaces in the home, use non-slip rug pads or sponge liners made from P.V.C.


How to wash the carpet

You have selected the finest machine-made carpet in terms of weaving, which is completely similar to handmade carpets in terms of color variation. Obviously, you should be more sensitive about carpet washing.

  • If you need to wash it locally, use detergents such as carpet shampoos or a combination of dishwashing liquid and hand powder with lukewarm water. The resulting foam is enough to clean the carpet.
  • If you give the carpet to a Carpet cleaning, use trustworthy Carpet cleaning services.
  • Your carpet of choice has the most color stability among all the carpets on the market, and it is suggested to avoid other people’s advice on the use of a variety of chemicals and whitening agents or acid and alkaline detergents.
  • The delicacy of your carpet does not prevent you from folding it while being moved, but it is better if you roll the carpet.
  • After washing, hang your carpet in a sloping flat area or from an elevated height, so that it does not wrinkle.


Method for removing stains

  • Chewing gum- candle: first, use ice on the gum or candle to harden it (for 4 to 5 minutes), and afterwards remove it with the help of an instrument like a spatula.
  • Ink stain: pour yogurt onto the ink stain for 2 to 3 minutes, repeat this action 3 times and afterwards clean the carpet with lukewarm water and carpet shampoo.
  • Juice- tea- milk- chocolate and coffee: use lukewarm water with carpet shampoo foam.
  • Sweet liquids: you can wash sweet liquids using lukewarm water and carpet shampoo.
  • Grease and oil: cleansing the oil from the surface of the carpet and washing oil or grease may be done by using thick foam carpet shampoo.
  • Soot and solid colored particles: sprinkle salt on the resulting carpet stain, and afterwards gather the existing salt by vacuum cleaner after 90 minutes, and clean carpet surface with carpet shampoo.
  • Types of liquid, lacquer, paint and gouache: wipe the spot with a clean cloth and then wash the spot with carpet shampoo foam.

Carpet drying method

  • Avoid placing the carpet on the grass or exposing it to intense sunlight.
  • Using direct heat -such as heaters, fireplaces, radiators and others- for drying the carpet, may affect the carpet locally. For drying a moist part of the carpet, collect the water with the help of a sponge, towel or cotton fabric, and then put the wet part in front of gentle sunlight or dry it with gentle hair dryer blow from the backside of the carpet.